Malaysian Drinks Header – Name Your Drink

This header is complimentary for the Malaysian Drinks Combo design. It DOES NOT contain any drinks but the header. Scroll down to find the link to download this free chart.

Design size: 100W X 146H whole
Finished size: 7.1”W X 10.4”H on 14-count fabric

It is designed to hold the following charts :-
1) Bos, Kopi Satu!
2) Ice, Ice, Baby
3) [MINI] Boba Boba
4) [MINI] Ikat Tepi

Copyright © 2021 of MiRu Crafts (002638115-P) – All rights reserved. Pattern is for personal use ONLY. No parts of the design are to be copied, resold, reproduced or shared without written permission. For more information, please contact
Facebook/Instragram: @mirumakes


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